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SAP-E Essentials of Stroke Care

Category: Health Care Professionals

This supporting document is now avialable for download.

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SAP-E Chairs in an interview with touchNEUROLOGY

Category: Editorial

Prof. Hanne Christensen, Dr. Francesca Romana Pezzella and Arlene Wilkie highlight the goals of the action plan and discuss its planned targets to reduce the burden of stroke through improvement of care.

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Ukraine signs the Stroke Action Plan for Europe Declaration

Category: Media releases

On 19 May 2021, Ukraine announced that the Ministry of Health of Ukraine along with the National Health Service of Ukraine support and have signed the Declaration for Action on Stroke.

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Declaration for Action on Stroke launches on European Stroke Awareness Day

Category: Media releases

An appeal is launched today (11 May 2021) for Health Ministries across Europe to sign the Declaration for Action on the Stroke Action Plan for Europe to tackle one of the leading causes of death and disability.

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Improving stroke prevention and care across Europe

Category: Editorial

In a bid to provide better care to patients and implement national strategies to reduce the risk of strokes.

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Implementation of the Stroke Action Plan for Europe 2018–2030 during coronavirus disease-2019

Category: Scientific publications

By Hanne Christensen and Francesca Romana Pezzella.

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