The Essentials of Stroke Care

The Essentials of Stroke Care manifesto was specifically designed as a comprehensive tool to support the Stroke Action Plan for Europe (SAP-E) [1]. This important document has received the endorsement of the European Stroke Organisation (ESO), which emphasises its credibility and relevance in the field of stroke care.

The primary purpose of the manifesto is to serve as a valuable resource for individuals and professionals working with stroke patients, providing them with essential knowledge and best practices in stroke care management. By offering this guidance, the manifesto aims to improve the quality of care provided to stroke patients and ultimately enhance their chances of recovery and quality of life.

A complementary lay version was developed that caters specifically to those involved in the planning and organisation of stroke care services, as well as those advocating for improvements in stroke care on a wider scale. This document addresses the unique challenges faced by these professionals and offer targeted recommendations to ensure the effective planning, implementation, and promotion of stroke care services across Europe.

[1] Norrving B, Barrick J, Davalos A, et al. Action Plan for Stroke in Europe 2018-2030. Eur Stroke J 2018;3:309-336

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Prof. Thorsten Steiner discusses the importance of this document for patients and their caregivers towards the implementation of the Stroke Action Plan for Europe.