National Stroke Plan Template

A National Stroke Plan serves as the foundation for the establishment of a comprehensive and organised stroke care system and is a critical component of a larger, integrated approach to public health, involving collaboration between various sectors, such as healthcare providers, government agencies, non-profit organisations, and the private sector.

Recognising the need for a structured and consistent framework, a template has been designed to support National Coordinators (NCs) in their efforts to implement a national strategy for stroke care. This template offers guidance on essential elements that should be considered when developing a robust and effective framework, such as the identification and management of risk factors, implementation of preventive measures, coordination of care services, and the allocation of resources to support stroke care initiatives.

The implementation of a national stroke plan is incorporated as Key Performance Indicator 1 (KPI 1), highlighting its importance in facilitating multi-sectorial public health interventions. These interventions are aimed at promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, while simultaneously addressing and managing risk factors associated with stroke.

By providing a tool to assist NCs in their work, the goal is to ensure that each country has a well-structured and organised plan in place to address the challenges posed by stroke. This, in turn, will lead to improved public health outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and a healthier population overall.

Use the template

The National Stroke Plan template was created as a resource for National Coordinators in establishing
an effective and comprehensive framework for stroke care on a national level.