Stroke Service Tracker

The Stroke Service Tracker (SST) is a tool for creating a European overview of SAP-E Key Performance Indicator performance, organisation of stroke care, pathways, incidence of stroke, and early mortality.

The SST data presentation allows for comparison on key parameters between countries, as well as for following country data over time. Annual data collection and presentation will continue until 2030 to follow the status of European Stroke Care.

By tracking KPI performance, the SST enables National Coordinators to effectively monitor and report on status of stroke care within their countries and in comparison to other European countries. This allows for sharing of best practices as well as advocacy for improvement. Stroke Support Organisations and Stroke Scientific Societies can make a stronger case in communication with Ministries of Health when documenting the current status of stroke care in comparison to other countries. This ultimately leads to improved stroke prevention, treatment, and support services across Europe.


Data in the SST is reported by National Coordinators who enter their country data (KPI performance, organisation of stroke care, specific pathways, incident strokes, early mortality) into an SST REDcap platform on an annual basis. Only summary data is entered and access is logged. The source of data – e.g. National registry with mandatory reporting and auditing or estimate) is reported; consequently, quality of data will vary between countries. Outliers and inconsistencies in reporting is solved by queries to National Coordinators.


The data collected is owned by the Steering Committee of SAP-E and the Chair of SAP-E acts as a the data controller.

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