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Prevent, treat and support: An EU election manifesto for stroke survivors

The Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) and the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) launched their joint EU MEP Election Manifesto 2024. We asked MEP candidates to support improving health across the EU with a focus on improving prevention, care and support of those affected by stroke across Europe. 

Every year, nearly 1.5 million people suffer a stroke in 32 European countries1. Stroke can be devastating – leading to death or life-long disability2, shattering the lives of victims and their loved ones. Those who survive will join the more than 9 million European stroke survivors who live with long term health, social, and financial impacts3. 

The EU Non-Communicable Disease Initiative, Healthier Together, launched by the European Commission in 2022, provides opportunities for policy action that both EU-level and national policymakers should build on. We call upon all EU level policymakers, to prioritise stroke in health policies, to support member states to develop national stroke plans and lead research into the under-examined areas of stroke. 

Read the Manifesto here.

EACH - European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health

The Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) and the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) are proud to be partners of the European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health, or EACH, which brings together leading European and international organisations around joint activities to promote cardiovascular health as a policy priority at EU level.

The Alliance was officially launched on 27 September 2021 during a high-level policy debate attended by representatives of the European Commission, Member States and the European Parliament. The policy debate discussed policy actions to improve cardiovascular health for citizens across the EU.

In December 2023, as part of this project, SAFE and ESO representatives travelled to Strasbourg to attend a two-day event at the European Parliament to raise the profile of stroke and cardiovascular disease in Europe.

Read more the December event report here.