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Publication of the EU Healthier Together plan

The European Commission recently launched the EU Non-Communicable Diseases Initiative – Healthier Together to reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCD), including stroke, to which ESO and SAFE contributed in the co-creation process

2022 Status Report shows big strides for stroke

ESO and SAFE have published the 2022 Status Report highlighting progress made in the past year for the SAP-E.

With this important collaboration, the SAP-E Steering Committee continues to build on its achievements from the current year.

Essentials of Stroke Care

The Essentials of Stroke Care manifesto was made as a tool for SAP-E and has been endorsed by the European Stroke Organisation. This overview of evidence-based interventions covering the entire chain of stroke care is now available for download.

Get the Facts on Stroke

Check out the SAP-E Fact Sheet to learn about the Stroke Action Plan for Europe and how it aims to improve stroke care across the 7 domains of the stroke care pathway

Stroke Action Plan for Europe SAP-E

SAP-E is the largest stroke project ever undertaken in Europe and will run until 2030.

The Stroke Action Plan for Europe (SAP-E) is a pan-European project, and sets targets for the implementation of evidence-based preventive actions and stroke services until 2030.

It was outlined by the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) in cooperation with the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) to reduce the burden of stroke through improvement of care. SAP-E covers the entire chain of stroke care and was designed by a large group of stroke experts from all regions of Europe.

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Overarching Targets For 2030

Four over-arching targets for 2030 have been identified:

1. To reduce the absolute number of strokes in Europe by 10%

2. To treat 90 % or more of all patients with stroke in Europe in a dedicated stroke unit as the first level of care

3. To have national plans for stroke encompassing the entire chain of care from primary prevention to life after stroke

4. To fully implement national strategies for multisector public health interventions to promote and facilitate a healthy lifestyle, and reduce environmental (including air pollution), socioeconomic and educational factors that increase the risk of stroke


Focusing on seven domains, the SAP-E incorporates the latest scientific research on stroke treatment and prevention as well as the patients’ needs as stroke survivors. Therefore, the entire chain of stroke care was incorporated from primary prevention to life after stroke.

For each of the seven domains, four comprehensive targets, to be reached until 2030, were set.

In addition to the seven domains, improvement projects and implementation initiatives should also focus on research activities and therefore, prioritised research areas for translational stroke research have been identified.

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