Documents and Materials

Download all important documents and material for SAP-E.

National Stroke Plan Template

National Stroke Plan Template for use by health care professionals for analysis, planning, and implementation

SAP-E Declaration

SAP-E Essentials of Stroke Care (Lay Version)

SAP-E Fact Sheet

An Executive Summary detailing the objectives and timeline for SAP-E from 2018-2030

SAP-E Essentials of Stroke Care

An overview of evidence-based interventions covering the entire chain of stroke care.

Tasks of National Coordinators

SAP-E Timeline for 2021

19.10.2021 Valeria Caso

The SAP-E vision

19.20.2021 Arlene Wilkie

The Declaration for Action on Stroke and Key Performance Indicators

19.20.2021 Francesca Romana Pezzella

A National Stroke Plan

19.10.2021 Thorsten Steiner

The Essentials of Stroke Care

19.10.2021 Hanne Christensen

The Stroke Service Tracker

05.10.2021 Arlene Wilkie

Sharing success and building momentum on SAP-E implementation

23.02.2021 Urs Fischer, Diana Aguiar de Sousa and Hanne Christensen

SAP-E summary data reporting and presentation

23.02.2021 Cristina Tiu

Educational resources

23.02.2021 Thorsten Steiner

Basic Care Manual

08.12.2020 Arlene Wilkie

Involvement of national Ministries of Health

08.12.2020 Hanne Christensen

SAP-E Declaration including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

11.11.2020 Arlene Wilkie

Why improve stroke care: the health authorities’ point of view

11.11.2020 Dorte Daamgard

Danish Stroke Registry

11.11.2020 Philippe Lyrer

Swiss certification process

08.09.2020 Arlene Wilkie

What are the major unmet needs from the perspective of patients and carers in the different regions of Europe?

08.09.2020 Francesca Romana Pezzella

Key Performance Indicators

08.09.2020 Bo Norrving

Action Plan for Stroke in a Global perspective

08.09.2020 Diana Aguiar de Sousa and Urs Fischer

Preliminary results from mapping of current status of stroke care in Europe

08.09.2020 Hanne Christensen

SAP-E: Overview of implementation plan and introduction of the SAP-E Declaration

08.09.2020 Robert Mikulik

Results from ESO-East

SAP-E Press Clippings and Communication Report

Overview of published articles, videos and news on a national level that are related to the Stroke Action Plan for Europe.

SAP-E Logo

SAP-E Declaration Twitter Post

SAp-E Visual

SAP-E Declaration Facebook Post

SAP-E Visual