The SAP-E Steering Committee and all national delegates meet regularly

On 8 September 2020, the implementation phase of the Stroke Action Plan for Europe was initiated with an official Kick-Off Meeting. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the meeting was held online and the more than 80 stroke experts from 52 countries gathered virtually to mark the start of this important initiative.

In his introduction, ESO President Prof. Martin Dichgans, Munich reinforced the initiative’s overall goal of creating a framework that will assist countries to improve stroke care across Europe. It is “only with the involvement, collaboration and joint effort of [..] the representatives of national scientific societies and patient organisations, that this aim can be achieved”, he said.

The SAP-E Steering Committee presented detailed insights regarding the preparation work and achievements to date as well as an outlook for the upcoming years.

Roll-Out Working Meetings

The Kick-Off was followed by three Roll-Out Working Meetings in November and December 2020 and February 2021, each focusing on main components that are important for the implementation of the SAP-E on a national level:

  • Tasks of the national leads
  • Involvement of health authorities / Ministries of Health
  • Patient involvement
  • SAP-E Declaration and the Key Performance Indicators
  • Basic Care Manual
  • SAP-E summary data reporting
  • Educational resources

All meetings were recorded and can be watched here.

Certain presentations are available for download here.

Upcoming Meetings

To meet the needs of each region and work towards reaching the overarching targets with tailored support from the SAP-E Steering Committee, upcoming meetings will be in regional working groups.

Throughout the first half year of 2021, the SAP-E project has focused on hosting training sessions and workshops on the tasks of the National Coordinators. The goals of these sessions have been to share best practices and practical implementation as well as plan next steps with the support of the SAP-E Steering Committee Members.

Meeting List

SAP-E Implementation Workshop III

Date: 18.01.22

The third workshop in the implementation series covers the Stroke Service Tracker and includes presentations and discussions on how collecting, organising, and using data can help improve the quality of stroke care.

SAP-E Implementation Workshop II

Date: 30.11.21

Country representatives give feedback on the National Stroke Plan template and discuss best practices for implementing the NSP in their own countries for the entire pathway of care.

SAP-E Implementation Workshop I

Date: 05.10.21

Country representatives met to share best practices for implementation of the Stroke Action Plan (SAP-E).

Stroke Action Plan for Europe Implementing together Stroke Care in Europe

Date: 19.10.21

Roll-Out Meeting III

Date: 23.02.21

Third working meeting to discuss the roll-out of the SAP-E implementation with the national delegates.

Topics of discussion: Introduction of the Basic Care Manual, introduction of Learning Resources and the SAP-E summary data reporting.

Roll-Out Meeting I

Date: 11.11.20

First working meeting to discuss the roll-out of the SAP-E implementation with the national delegates.

Topics of discussion: Best practices (ESO-East, the Swiss Stroke Center Certification and the Danish Stroke Registry), tasks of the National Coordinators and how to involve patients and health authorities in the national implementation strategies.

Kick-Off Meeting Stroke Action Plan for Europe

Date: 08.09.20

Official kick-off meeting to introduce the SAP-E to the national representatives.

Topics of discussion: the major unmet needs from the perspective of patients and carers in the different regions of Europe, an overview of the implementation road map, an introduction to the Key Performance Indicators and the preliminary results from mapping of current status of stroke care in Europe.