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Seven Domains of SAP-E represent the entire chain of stroke care

The Stroke Action Plan for Europe builds on two previous pan-European consensus meetings, the 1995 and 2006 Helsingborg meetings, which were convened to review the scientific evidence and the state of current services, and to set targets for the development of stroke care for the decade to follow.

The SAP-E adheres to the format of the Helsingborg Declarations, presenting a review of the “state of the art”, the state of current services, research and development priorities, and targets for the main domains in stroke care: Primary Prevention, Organisation of Stroke Services, Acute Stroke Management, Secondary Prevention, Rehabilitation, Evaluation of Stroke Outcome and Quality Assessment, and Life After Stroke. The Key Performance Indicators also relate to those domains.

The Seven Domains

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Primary Prevention

Primary prevention of stroke has two integral components, which can be implemented at different levels.

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Organisation of Stroke Services

Across Europe there is wide variation in how stroke services are organised. Yet the way stroke services are organised is fundamental to the quality of care.

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Management of Acute Stroke

Acute stroke is a medical emergency. The benefit of recanalisation therapies in patients with acute ischaemic stroke is strongly time-dependent, with earlier intervention achieving better outcomes.

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Secondary Prevention

Secondary prevention applies to almost all patients with stroke or TIA and can reduce stroke recurrence by 80%.

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Rehabilitation includes occupational, physical, and speech and language therapy, with input from psychologists and social workers as necessary.

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Evaluation of Quality and Outcome

Clear standards and assessment of the quality of stroke services are essential if quality improvement is to be achieved.

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Life after Stroke

This domain includes consideration of family, friends and others who provide care and support for the stroke survivor, and whose own quality of life is also potentially affected.

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