Highlighting SAP-E successes on European Stroke Awareness Day

On the occasion of European Stroke Awareness Day 2022, the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) and Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) are pleased to share the progress made toward reaching the 4 overarching targets of the Stroke Action Plan for Europe (SAP-E).

Over the past year, SAP-E has made great strides in reaching the goals set out in the Action Plan. As of today and thanks to the advocacy of the SAP-E National Coordinators, these achievements include:

  • Establishment of a network of National Coordinators
  • Translation of the Stroke Action Plan for Europe document in 12 languages
  • Launch of the Declaration for Action on Stroke
    • 8 countries currently signed
  • Publication of the Essentials of Stroke Care guidelines
  • Development of a National Stroke Plan Template
  • Initiation of the Stroke Service Tracker (SST) survey

Prof. Hanne Christensen, Professor of Neurology and Chair of the Stroke Action Plan for Europe says, “Stroke can be prevented and treated, but there is still a significant gap between knowledge and the delivery of stroke services. In early 2022 we [the SAP-E Steering Committee] launched the SST. This survey will enable us to monitor the progress of quality of care and outcomes. The yearly data collected from the SST will allow for benchmarking both over time and within countries, providing each country with the knowledge and data to facilitate the implementation of its national plan.”

Dr. Francesca Romana Pezzella, Stroke Neurologist and Stroke Action Plan for Europe Co-Chair adds, “The recent successes of our National Coordinators is extremely encouraging. SAP-E gives us a unified approach for stroke treatment and management to help us tackle inequalities in stroke care across European countries. We have developed tools such as the National Stroke Plan Template, which will help National Coordinators support the development of country-specific care plans.”

Arlene Wilkie, SAFE Director General and SAP-E implementation Co-Chair says, “Stroke is the biggest cause of adult disability in Europe with impacts on all aspects of life – economic, social, medical, physical and mental health. Together with ESO we have developed a number of documents and tools to improve stroke care, including an illustrated Fact Sheet on the basics of stroke and the Essentials of Stroke Care guidelines that give an overview of evidence-based interventions covering the entire chain of stroke care.”

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Posted: 09.05.2022

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