SAP-E prompts ministry to act in Denmark

Following a communication from the Danish Stroke Association, the SAP-E Steering Committee was pleased learn that the Danish Minister of Health announced that a stroke action plan will be part of the government’s political agenda for the coming years.

To quote the Minister the overarching goal will be  Furthermore, The minister underlined the government’s wish to strengthen stroke prevention, emergency-treatment and using data to optimize quality and research, and to to “minimize the number of strokes by 10% by 2030”, one of the 4 overarching targets for the SAP-E initiative

According to the Danish Stroke Association, a significant factor for the success of the Danish delegation was the preparatory work that was been carried out in the scope of SAP-E efforts.

Read the full letter from Director of the Danish Stroke Association, Birgitte Forchhammer


ESO and SAFE statements in support of Ukraine

SAP-E partners ESO (European Stroke Organisation) and SAFE (Stroke Alliance for Europe) both announced their support for the nation of Ukraine and its people, as well as for a peaceful resolution to the current conflict.

Both organisations outlined the negative impact on stroke services, care, and support, and called on the support of neighbouring allies to provide continuity in stroke care however possible.

Read the statement from the ESO Executive Committee 

Read the statement from SAFE President Hariklia Proios



SAP-E Stroke Service Tracker

The Stroke Service Tracker (SST) is a comprehensive survey developed by SAP-E to monitor the progress of quality of care and outcomes, and allow for comparisons among participating countries.

The results will be comprised of anonymous data provided by SAP-E National Coordinators and their teams, and reflect the SAP-E key performance indicators, as well as basic clinical variables.

The data collected from National Coordinators is planned to be presented in 2022.

Watch the recording of the “SAP-E Implementation Workshop III: SST”


Watch now:
Prof. Hanne Christensen discusses her vision for the Stroke Service Tracker, its use in institutes across Europe, and the difference it will make to stroke patients and survivors.