Activities dedicated to the World Stroke Day 2018 in Ukraine

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On October 29, 2018 the Ukrainian Stroke Association with the support of Boehringer Ingelheim in Ukraine launched a Stroke Awareness campaign "Recognize Stroke" to remind people of the key symptoms of stroke and why it is important to call for medical help immediately after they notice any of the stroke symptoms.

As part of the campaign a special creative performance was organized. Professional actors who looked like well-known monuments of outstanding Ukrainians were simulating stroke symptoms connected to speech, face asymmetry, dizziness, weak limbs, eyesight disorder. A hall of one of the Kyiv central subway station was chosen as the location for this performance in order to attract as much citizens as possible to see, to think and be more conscious about stroke. Event promoters talked to passengers to recognize what they know about stroke and explain more about its danger and its first symptoms. Every passenger could take a useful leaflet with symptoms of a stroke. During the period from the end of October and start of November 60 posters with social advertising "Recognize Stroke" have been placed in Kyiv Subway. A facebook page called "Stop Stroke" was created to share publications about stroke and the event in Kyiv Subway. The Ukraine Stroke Awareness campaign "Recognize Stroke" engaged more than 20 000 people with a total reach of 602 000 people. We hope this campaign will raise stroke awareness and remind people not to hesitate to make the call to emergency immediately when they will see any one of the keystroke symptoms.