How to get involved in the largest stroke project of Europe

We need: Helping Hands and Creative Minds

The Stroke Action Plan for Europe is the largest stroke project ever undertaken in Europe. As Pan-European initiative, it relies on the active involvement of stakeholders from various fields and engaged people contributing – in most cases – on a voluntary basis.

With the seven SAP-E domains, the implementation activities will target the entire chain of stroke care, from primary prevention to acute stroke care, rehabilitation and life after stroke support. This not only requires the expertise of stroke professionals, but also physiotherapists, nurses, stroke researchers and so many more.

Finally yet importantly, only if policy makers are aware of the Stroke Action Plan for Europe and the efforts undertaken to implement it on a national level, there will be enough support, funds and resources available to move forward and work towards reaching the goals for 2030.

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Getting involved

There are multiple ways to get involved:

  • Support your local network by contacting the National Coordinator and discuss how the implementation activities can benefit from your work
  • Share your network and connect important stakeholders on a national or transnational / European level
  • Support the SAP-E Steering Committee

You can either get in touch with the National Coordinators directly (check out the contact list here) or use the contact us function on this page.